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Regular communications will help keep you informed and stay in the know.


Business education and information to help sustain, mange, and/or grow your business. We regularly hold Coffee Chats. These are typically 1.5 hours where experts, vendors and your peers are brought together to share, collaborate and grow together.



Discounts available with Preferred Providers including a social media accountability program ($150 savings); waived application fee to join the national Specialty Food Association ($100 savings); free access to live & recorded Coffee Chats ($25 savings each event).


Finding information for your Virginia business is made easier for our members with resources including a DISTRIBUTOR LIST made available to members.


We provide opportunities for networking with fellow producers and business service providers. We provide a continuous pipeline of communication.


Peer Support/Mentoring

Our members, professional advisors and resource people are always available to assist and answer your questions. We've "been there and done that" and are happy to help where we can.



Opportunities to connect with retailers, grocers, distributors, brokers, and buyers.

Sales & Marketing Assistance

Join an organization committed to helping you grow your business. Our board is made up of seasoned specialty food manufacturers with hundreds of combined years in the industry and is also here to help with connections.


Expanding Industry

Our strength in numbers helps grow our association as well as the Virginia's Finest program. Your participation makes sales grow. When our members are strong the association is stronger, and we can do more to support our specialty craft producers and entrepreneurs.


​Continuing Growth

More benefits continue to become available as the VASFA grows.

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