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  • VA Specialty Food & Beverage companies that manufacture specialty food items

  • VA Specialty Food & Beverage companies that contract for the manufacture of item

  • Corporate offices are located within the State of Virginia

  • Benefits include:

    • General Business Education​

    • Compliance Education & Support

    • Guidance to Grow your Business

    • State & National Organization Partnerships

    • Provider Discounts

    • Low-cost Dues

    • Open Forum Discussions

    • Virginia Tech Food & Science Food Innovations Team Programs



  • Open to all companies providing supplies or services to the food industry

  • Listing on VASFA website linking to Provider’s page

  • Option to sponsor a Coffee Chat at a reduced rate 

  • Eligible to apply to become a Preferred Provider after joining as a Provider member



  • Vetted through Membership Committee; $150 annual premium once accepted 

  • Provides a discount or offering on goods/services exclusive to our membership

  • Highlighted on webpage dedicated to Preferred Providers, in ads in member alerts, co-branded marketing; and networking opportunities

  • Complimentary Coffee Chat sponsorship (1 per year); company name and information will be included in Coffee Chat promotional emails, mentioned during the Coffee Chat, information or ad included in slide deck, have time to speak to attendees.  



  • Individual/company with interest related to the VA Specialty Food & Beverage industry

  • Includes stores, restaurants, boutiques, and shops across Virginia

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