VSFBA Engages ASI for Management Support

RELEASE DATE: 10-15-2020


The Virginia Specialty Food and Beverage Association’s (VSFBA) Board of Directors is excited to announce they have engaged Virginia-based Association Solutions Inc. to provide management, support, and consulting services to grow and strengthen their association.

Association Solutions Inc., founded in 2010, is a full-service association management company (AMC) with such notable clients as the Virginia Retail Merchants and Virginia Wineries Association, among others. Owner and CEO, Laurie Aldrich with 20 years of association management experience stated, “Our team is ready to build upon the work the association has started, bringing added value and increased exposure of the delicious products their members bring to market.” Jeff Bateman of Integrity Food Group and Chairman of the board of VSFBA shared, “We look forward to working with Association Solutions Inc. and their professional team of associates to advance the Virginia Specialty Food and Beverage Association to the next level.”

Virginia Specialty Food and Beverage Association’s mission is to provide educational, marketing, and collaboration opportunities that promote their passion for creating the finest and diverse specialty food products through the Commonwealth of Virginia. For more information visit www.specialtyfoodva.com.


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