YES we are OPEN

It's amazing how fast things can change. We are all very familiar with the term Social Distancing, but just a month ago that wasn’t a phrase we had probably ever used. Now we watch the six-foot rule in the grocery store, we step back to give others “their space” and even cringe if we sneeze in public. Today, we count on two hands the number of friends that have been laid off from their jobs, and our daily conversation revolves around “how much longer we can do this?”. So, I’m curious how is your business doing? If you sell your products to grocery stores or if you have a strong web presence you are probably doing better than others. What creative ways to promote your business have you tried or have seen others try? We are definitely “all in this together”. The Virginia Specialty Food & Beverage Association is open and working and we want to be a resource while you “shelter in place”. We are working on ways to connect sellers and buyers as well as create a community gathering once the dust settles and the quarantines are lifted. Let’s share some good news….give us your victories and let us rejoice with you and together we’ll lift each other up. #Specialtyfoodva #VSFBA……I look forward to your reply

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