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"The volunteer founders and members of VSFBA have made a significant difference for my business over the last 12 years.. From meeting our QA consultant to knowing what to do at our initial trade shows, the guidance and support has saved our team time and helped us avoid many costly mistakes." 

Pierre Abushacra 

Firehook Bakery 


"The most important thing I can say about the Virginia Specialty Food and Beverage Association is that I wish I would have joined sooner!  The value and amount of actionable, useful information presented during the monthly virtual Coffee Chats have been way beyond any other organization of which I am a part.  I've gained knowledge on a wide variety of topics such as how to secure my website to ensure ADA compliance, how to leverage online CPG wholesaling platforms, how to adjust my pricing strategy in volatile markets, how to prepare for inspections, and so much more.  Getting a chance to network with and learn from other seasoned Virginia food and beverage business owners is invaluable."   

Jill Donaldson



"Having been in the Virginia Specialty Food Industry since 1987 I wish resources like those offered through this association were available back then. So many lessons would not have been learned the hard way. The coffee chats and all the past recordings is just top notch info no matter what stage of business you are at.  Not to mention having access to so many of your peers in this industry when you have a question to ask. Truly invaluable!" 

Jeff Bateman

President - Owner / Integrity Food Group, LLC


"As there's no manual for entrepreneurship, I knew right away that I needed a mentor and community.  I was able to find a mentor on my own, but the right community eluded me for 5 years until my mentor suggested joining VSFBA.  I'd tried finding community with other female entrepreneurs, retailer and chamber groups, but the meetings presented a time commitment that made engagement impossible. Many times the topics were too general to really have any impact on my business.  I've found VASFA's Coffee Chats the perfect recipe of valuable, industry-focused information at a time and in a format that allows me to soak it all up and then quickly get on with my busy day.  VASFA seems to understand that as owners and operators our time is valuable and we are seeking the greatest return with the smallest investment imaginable.  It is an added bonus that I've found the community to be kind, supportive professionals whose products I've been tracking along with my own all these years.  I can't recommend membership highly enough."

Jennifer M. Davidson

Owner/Operator, Capital Chips LLC


“Being a member of VASFA provides leaning and networking opportunities that can be invaluable to your business.  Having a go to for any questions in the industry and actually getting the necessary answers to be successful”

Brandon Clark

Owner - Clark + Hopkins

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