Virginia Vaccine Distribution Phases

Phase 1a: healthcare personnel.

Phase 1b: essential workers listed in order of priority: police, fire, and hazmat; corrections and homeless shelter workers; childcare/k-12 teachers/staff; food and agriculture; manufacturing; grocery store workers; public transit workers; public and private mail carriers; persons age 75 and older; persons living in shelters, correctional facilities, migrant labor camps.

Phase 1c: essential workers listed in order of priority: energy; water and wastewater; housing/construction; food service; transportation and logistics; institutions of higher education faculty/staff; finance; information technology & communication; media; legal services; public safety (engineers); other public health workers; officials needed to maintain continuity of government; persons age 65 and older; those ages 16-64 with high-risk underlying medical conditions.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Phase by Health District:

  • Find out which phase you fall in:

  • Virginia Statewide Pre-registration System:

    • Adds you to the waitlist. Your information will be added to the COVID-19 vaccine waitlist. The waitlist will allow us to contact you when you are eligible to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.

    • Provides you with a Reference Code. The Reference Code is a unique, auto-generated value that you can use to 'Check the List' for your record (instead of putting in your name and email or phone number). It does not indicate, or have any bearing on, your place in line or your eligibility.

    • Sends you updates & notifies you when it's your turn to make an appointment.

    • Due to limited supply of vaccines, it may take months before everyone who is eligible can be vaccinated.
    • Does the Pre-Registration System schedule my appointment? No, this is NOT an appointment. Pre-Registration does not schedule an appointment for you to get a vaccine, it is just the first step in the process. This is not a first come, first served list.


COVID-19 Vaccination & the Food and Agriculture Sector:  information and resources to help employers in the Food and Agriculture sector communicate about COVID-19 vaccination to their workforce.


The page includes links to information about:


As the COVID-19 vaccine supply increases, the FDA hopes these resources will help leadership and management of food and agriculture operations support worker vaccination. When an essential worker gets a COVID-19 vaccine, they protect themselves, their families, co-workers, and their communities. Healthy workers help to ensure the availability of a safe and plentiful food supply. For additional information about FDA resources during COVID-19, including guidance for industry, visit Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).


  • Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19 (CDC, USDA, FDA, 2021)

  • Safe food handling and hygiene practices already in place continue to be the best practices

    • Ensure that you are following your operating procedures and food safety plans!

  • Policies and protocols in place are for personnel safety from the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus